Strengthening Bonds and Building Progress

September 2023


Summer’s transition has given us the perfect pause to reflect on our journey. The past few months have been filled with collaboration, learning, and growth; essential elements of making an impact in this world we love.


Screen is good, hugs are better


In July, our team had a long-awaited meetup in the beautiful waters of Sardinia. Although we have regular meetings online, getting together with Anthony and Gjertine in person reinforces the bond among our team members, bridging that gap in virtual communication.


Photo: Anthony and Kim getting some work done, after the sunrise swim.


Anthony has been in the maritime industry for most of his adult life. First as crew and skipper onboard private sailing yachts in both northern and southern hemispheres. Later, he project managed sailboat refits and is now running his own rigging business in Norway. Gjertine is a graduate of the University in Agder with a bachelor’s degree in global development with subjects in psychology and cross-cultural communication, and a master’s degree in social science.


Together they are working to refine how Levante communicates its mission and values.


Photo: Gjertine and Anthony from our Communication team


It’s during these times together that our vision becomes clearer, the collective energy gets a boost, and we allow ourselves the opportunity to align ever closer to each other, and to Levante’s mission.


Collaboration is KEY


One of the most fun meetings we’ve had this year so far has been getting together with Dan and Kika, the hearts behind Sailing Uma. We had the opportunity to discuss the rigorous testing of our prototype panels and the improvements we can implement as well as a great chat with them about their full-on project to essentially rebuild their 50 year old sailing boat Uma, instead of scrapping her and looking for a new boat; another reminder of aligned values.


Photo: Anthony and Dan talking about Uma’s refit


Our collaboration with Sailing Uma isn’t just a partnership in the conventional sense. It’s a confluence of hands-on experience, technical expertise, creative curiosity and enthusiastic execution.


Their deep involvement in the sailing community offers us insights that are hard to come by. They have not just been testers but co-developers, providing feedback that stems from real-world challenges.


Photo: Dan, Anthony, Kika, Kim checking the latest solar panel prototype tested by Sailing Uma.


The symbiotic relationship ensures that while we strive to innovate technological solutions, we root our innovations in practicality. It’s a testament to the idea that when two entities with shared values ​​and complementary skills come together, the outcome is often greater than the sum of its parts.

Togetherness wins.


Collective effort is at the heart of our journey. From team meetups to collaborations with partners like Sailing Uma, it’s evident that our strength lies in unity. The synergy between different minds, each passionate and skilled in their domains, is what makes our vision robust and achievable.


That synergy extends out from our core team to you – our wider team – our community. While product details matter, it’s the broader purpose, shared with our community, that truly resonates.



Our belief in renewable energy’s transformative power, bolstered by partnerships like with Sailing Uma and invaluable feedback from users like you, propels us forward.

Together, we’re more than just a brand with products and customers; we’re a community united in purpose.