We are committed to helping people, and helping the planet.

our commitment

Social and environmental value

We commit to the environment: we want to create a business that is in harmony with nature, leads to a long-term positive impact, and contributes to the transition towards renewable energy.
We also commit to people: we believe that co-creating value with our stakeholders is the only way to do business sustainably. With them, our goal is to help solve the problem of energy access where it is most needed.

our strategy

Long-term sustainability strategy

To inspire the value of sustainability to the outside world, the process must start from the inside.
We have implemented a long-term business strategy based on resilience and sustainability.
Levante is planning the future in a sustainable way from the very beginning: we are now a small company, but we can already make a positive impact in our activities and our business decisions.
It is our objective to implement our sustainability plan throughout the year 2022.

our impact

Social impact

With Levante, we want to make a positive impact on the world.
As a benefit company, we want to focus also on the common benefit. That is why our product also has a social soul.

// 2022 Sustainability Objectives

We want to facilitate the transition to sustenible mobility powered by renewable energy, by offering an efficient alternative to travelers.

Our goal by 2025

Supply clean energy to 10.000 sailing boats and save 20 million liters of fuels.

We want to have an impact where this problem is most felt, by providing access to energy where it is not yet available – in developing countries.

Our goal by 2025

Supply clean energy to: 5 villages of 300 people each with 1150 kW and 7 refugee camps with 840 kW