We commit to people and nature

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our commitment

Social and environmental value

We commit to the environment: we want to create a business that is in harmony with nature, leads to a long-term positive impact, and contributes to the transition towards renewable energy.
We also commit to people: we believe that co-creating value with our stakeholders is the only way to do business sustainably. With them, our goal is to help solve the problem of energy access where it is most needed.

our strategy

Long-term sustainability strategy

To inspire the value of sustainability to the outside world, the process must start from the inside.
We have implemented a long-term business strategy based on resilience and sustainability.
Levante is planning the future in a sustainable way from the very beginning: we are now a small company, but we can already make a positive impact in our activities and our business decisions.
It is our objective to implement our sustainability plan throughout the year 2022.

our impact

Social impact

With Levante, we want to make a positive impact on the world.
As a benefit company, we want to focus also on the common benefit. That is why our product also has a social soul.

// 2022 Sustainability Objectives

Circular model

The panel was thought and designed with environmental, social and economic sustainability in view at all stages of its life cycle.
The circular economy model replaces the concept of waste with that of resource, aiming to reduce the consumption of raw materials and increase the efficiency in the use of materials towards the maximization of reuse and recycling.
Our product is designed according to the principles of the circular economy.

Thanks to the innovative features of the panel, we want to create an impact in:


Product durability

Design for disassembly, easy maintenance, and regeneration of the single components.


Resource efficiency

Use of recycled materials, energy efficiency, regeneration and recycle of the product.


Waste reduction

Use of recycled materials from discards of the automotive industry, regeneration and recycle of the elements of the panel.


Recycled materials


materials recovery & resue

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Design for Disassembly

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The project is designed to simplify the structure of the panel, to make the total disassembly of the object faster and allow the recovery of individual components.
The aim is to reduce the environmental impact related to the production, but it also contributes to reducing the amount of waste generated, acting on durability, reparability, the possibility of updating, and recyclability of the components.

Space & energy efficiency

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Levante aims to maximize the energy efficiency of the panel thanks to bifacial solar cells and in the future the solar tracking mechanism.
The increased energy efficiency is reflected in lower raw material requirements for the production of the same amount of energy.
This is another step toward achieving resource efficiency in panel production.

Diy maintenance

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The product is designed for easy, do-it-yourself maintenance, suitable for mobile or off-grid settings.
This feature contributes to the product’s increased durability, which can be repaired easily.


Upgrade and refurbishment

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Levante intends to be responsible for the entire life cycle of the product, its maintenance, and the reconditioning at the “end of life”. For upgrade, thanks to the design for disassembly the structure is maintained, and the photovoltaic cells can be updated with new and more efficient components. For reconditioning, the panel is sold on the secondary market.

Recovery, recycling, regeneration

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Thanks to the design for disassembly, the product at the “end of life” can be recycled or regenerated in its components, to limit the generation of waste.
Recycled materials
The mechanical structure of the panel is created from recycled carbon fiber.

We want to facilitate the transition to sustenible mobility powered by renewable energy, by offering an efficient alternative to travelers.

Our goal by 2025

Supply clean energy to 10.000 sailing boats and save 20 million liters of fuels.

We want to have an impact where this problem is most felt, by providing access to energy where it is not yet available – in developing countries.

Our goal by 2025

Supply clean energy to: 5 villages of 300 people each with 1150 kW and 7 refugee camps with 840 kW