Further – Faster – Together

 October 2023


September was another exciting month for us at Levante. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to and what’s on the horizon for the coming months. 


The best Backers!

Firstly we have to mention that we send a monthly update to all our Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers; and the replies we received after our last update have been a huge boost to our team! Positive and encouraging support from our customers is tangible feedback in our mission, and for that we are extremely grateful! 🙏





SAIL magazine 

Levante and our origami solar panel has been featured in SAIL magazine (US/Global) in an article in their Gear section This is one of the world’s foremost sailing publications and we’re really grateful to be garnering such considerable exposure for Levante in the sailing consumer market. ⛵




Startup Life and Innovation Support

In late September Kim and I attended the European Leaders Program initiative as speakers. Organized by CDP, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and LVenture, the event was held at the ZERO Cleantech Accelerator and the ENI Joule headquarters located in the beautiful settings of Gazometro, in Rome, Italy. In attendance were 14 peer organizations from 13 EU countries in the field of innovation. 💫

Together with BeAWaRe and ReLearn, Levante was asked to present our company and talk about what it means to have a startup in Italy and the support from the Italian and European innovation ecosystem.


Image: Sara presenting Levante at the European Leaders Programme



Further, faster, together.

As members of the ZERO accelerator programme we discovered several other unique Italian startups with real potential for synergies. Some of the exciting opportunities we are currently discussing are as follows:

A greentech startup specializing in electric boats will potentially use our origami solar panels to power charging stations for their rental fleet.

Another initiative aims to use our technology for sustainable community development and environmental restoration in international settings.


We are also exploring partnerships with a firm focused on recycled composite resins for marine applications, as well as a company that is looking to advance solar panel technology in the aerospace sector.

These discussions offer promising avenues for joint R&D, product development, and entry into the B2B market.



And the winner is…..

….well, we don’t know yet, but Levante has been nominated as Best GreenTech 2023 in Italy for the 2023 Southern European Startup Awards. We’re extremely proud to be involved in this amazing event packed full of innovative startups making a tangible impact on our environment and in business.



The startup ecosystem

The Awards give an extensive overview of what the regional startup ecosystem activity looks like. More importantly, it enables the creation of meaningful relationships across founders, investors, and partners on a regional and global level which is an invaluable benefit. The regional awards are part of the larger Global Startup Awards connecting 122 countries over 4 continents. 🌍




Optimizing for the first run

We are working on the product optimization to get ready for the Kickstarter/Indiegogo production run and we are looking forward to being able to share some exciting news about the sustainability element of the solar panel which is currently under development together with our partners. 🍃



We are fundraising!

We’re thrilled to announce an important moment for Levante—having crossed the $100,000 sales milestone through Kickstarter, Indiegogo and our own e-commerce, we’re now poised for significant growth. The gates are open for our first investment round, aimed at expanding our team to boost marketing and product development, and entering the B2B segment. 🚀



Be the change you want to see in the world…

This is a chance to become a stakeholder in a brand committed to transformative change. We’re actively undergoing due diligence with some highly promising partners and there’s limited room for a few more investors to join us.  




We’re committed, and appreciate your continued support. 

Imagine a day when you can roam the world, without it costing the Earth. That’s our vision. We’re committed to this vision, committed to this exciting journey and eternally grateful for your support. 🙏